Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR)

Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR) are the recorded messages and selection menus callers hear and navigate through when they call your business. Callers respond to directives by the recorded voice‐over, usually by selecting numbers on their telephone keypad or by their own vocal responses. Accounting for almost a third of a customer's call experience, the IVR must be well researched, smartly designed, and be so fast and easy to use it provides all callers with a positive experience.

Telemall's IVR solutions work with standard landlines, VoIP systems, 13 and 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and SmartNumbers. They can direct customer calls to specific phone system extensions, mobile phone numbers, live answering or voicemail.

IVR process with Telemall


We will work with you to develop your IVR Script so as to better understand and maximise your Call Flow potential. Within this Call Flow Analysis, IVR options are developed or confirmed to ensure your IVRs are directing your Call Flows in the most advantageous manner. In other words, calls are going “where they should”, “when they should”.

When looking at costs associated with IVRs, we will complete an analysis on the volume of work requested and will provide a Quote accordingly.

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Sample Audio - Interactive Voice Recordings

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Telemall’s industry leading ‘Grade of Service’ guarantees:

  • Message updates are implemented as scheduled
  • Scripts are styled to your specific requirements
  • Professional male and female voice talent
  • Regular sound checks by our audio engineers
  • Exclusive music tracks with full copyright included
  • Immediate technical support via our hotline
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