Recorded Voice Announcements

Designed to greet, advise and communicate key messages to waiting telephone callers

RVA process with Telemall


We will work with you to develop your RVA Script so as to better understand and maximise your Call Flow potential, including Welcome Announcements and After Hour Messages. Our review and analysis of your Call Flow will assist in developing or confirming RVAs required to best suit your Call Flow.

When looking at costs associated with RVAs, we will complete an analysis on the volume of work requested and will provide a quote accordingly.

Call our Team on 1300 363 111 to discuss your RVA requirements.

Telemall’s industry leading ‘Grade of Service’ guarantees:

  • Message updates are implemented as scheduled
  • Scripts are styled to your specific requirements
  • Professional male and female voice talent
  • Regular sound checks by our audio engineers
  • Exclusive music tracks including full copyright
  • Immediate technical support

Listen to a Sample - Recorded Voice Announcements

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