Instore Music & Radio

The right piece of music could be considered to be an extension your business’ branding and character.

Instore Music & Radio solutions can be completely tailored to your marketing strategy and overall branding requirements, in both the telephone on-hold and Instore environments. All music is licensed and copyright inclusive, so you won't be at risk of legal infringements and fines arising from playing unlicensed music or free-to-air radio.

Benefits of Instore Music

Telemall's experienced team can help identify the perfect music mix to reflect your brand message. We mindfully choose music that is different to the typical tracks you find elsewhere. With a library consisting of thousands of tracks, which span a range of genres and styles, we will find the right music to suit your requirements and leave a lasting impression.

Benefits of Instore Radio

  • Talk to your customers whilst they are in your store
  • Increase in-store dwell time by creating positive and bright atmosphere
  • Increase items per transaction and overall customer spend through promotion
  • Increases store branding with a consistent customer experience
  • No staff iPods, radio advertising your competitors or other poor customer experiences
  • Playlists are curated & tailored to your industry; with no offensive language or content
  • Ability to update Instore Announcements to engage your customers and letting them know about upcoming promos, events, new products…etc.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Plug & play network equipment - get started right away
  • Instore Radio playing equipment is provided

Listen to a Sample - Instore Music & Radio

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