David Bonnin


David innovated and founded the Message On Hold industry, has developed corporate communications training systems, has interests in audio visual products, has developed advanced cancer treatment methods and consulted to Industry and Government for more than 20 years.

David has developed and patented methods for behavioural research and corporate communications performance analysis. These methods have been applied across industry and government for communications re-structuring at the Enterprise level.

David is a member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society and the Australian Institute of Company Directors and currently Chairs several Australian organisations, including:

  • Message on Hold Company (since 1986)
  • Telemall Communications (since 1987)
  • Telemedia Australia (since 1996)
  • Radiowave Therapy Research Institute (since 2006)

David has consulted and managed projects for over 100 Corporations, introducing innovation in customer management, particularly focussed on the performance of automated human interactive systems and quantitative and qualitative identification of human factor behavioural outcomes.

David, through his company Telemedia Australia, has innovated cloud-based methods to personalise audio visual communications with emphasis on improving the personal experience of video viewers and website visitors. The idea is to enhance the corporate humanity experience whilst applying techniques to vastly improve the customer communications relationship and value.

David’s cancer interests are focussed on researching adjuvant therapies to improve the outcomes and applications of radiotherapy and other conventional treatments at the same time reducing toxicity, safety and side effects associated with these treatments (currently part of research projects with Curtin University – Perth, and IT Sligo university – Ireland).

David has also invented steel processing equipment, transportable waste management systems and introduced innovation to the waste disposal and recycling industries (through his former companies Way Waste, Steel-ex Australia, Way Metals and Resource Australia).

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